A Med inStyle wedding is a tailor-made wedding


Let’s design together your unforgettable Mediterranean wedding, in the most secluded and still unveiled corners of Capri Island, Amalfi and Cilento Coast, the Costa Smeralda. Discover with us the best of southern Italy with the never-ending legend of La Dolce Vita, the most exclusive locations, exciting and funny activities for a wedding that will remain forever etched in your memories. Choose a full experience that involves your senses, heart and soul.

Imagine the terrace of an ancient palace overlooking the bay of Marina Piccola, in Capri, the pearl of the Mediterranean and emblem of love. Imagine an explosion of bougainvillea, geraniums, gorse and pine trees adding a cheerful and scented touch to one of the most fascinating locations of the island.
A beautiful vintage convertible car will bring you to your guests, in a perfect Dolce Vita style.

The Faraglioni Rocks and the moon on the horizon are the perfect frame of a charming landscape inspiring worldwide acclaimed greatest artists who have captured its beauty in their everlasting works.
Only a few scenarios have been so enchanting ever, the perfect place where you can celebrate your love and experience with us your wedding you always dreamed of.


Choose a Mediterranean Wedding in Capri, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Ravello, Sorrento, Cilento Coast, Costa Smeralda with Porto Cervo.
Make your dream comes true in the most glamour and charming still unveiled places in Italy.
Either elegant and stylish, traditional or eco-friendly, a wedding with Med inStyle will be unforgettable!

Special occasion

Your wedding proposal or the vows renewal will be memorable.
Med inStyle will contribute to your touching moment, the one you will never forget!


Med inStyle offers a wide range of high-end personalized services, meeting you needs and budget.
Our expertise concierge personnel will take care of you and your guests in order to have you experience a full Italia wedding in our charming destinations.

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About us


Med inStyle General Manager, Alessandra Gravina, has always loved and studied Mediterranean Culture. Both her bachelor's degrees are about Mediterranean topics. With a comprehensive background in Luxury Hotellerie (events, spa, sales&marketing) based in Italy and abroad, she can bring a multi-layered approach to each event and valuable exclusive partners. Her suitcase is always ready to go: she lives between Naples, Losanne and Paris. She is passionate about yoga and flamenco. She chose together with her husband a happy family composed by five cats: our events will never, ever hurt a pet.


Med inStyle Event and Wedding Designer, Irina Novikova, was born and raised in Russia, where she earned her master degree in Economics & Management. Following her true love (Mediterranean Culture), she moved to Naples where she studied as interpreter and translator. She works with the Institute of Russian Language and Culture in Naples, that’s why she lives between Italy and Russia: she calls both Home. Her experience as a designer started in Moscow and continued in Capri spreading her love for Italian culture. She is passionate about travelling, running and swimming.


Med inStyle Luxury Villas & Concierge Services Specialist, Marianna Vitale, has travelled and worked around the world (from Sicily to Dubai) acquiring a rich knowledge within the luxury quality customer service. She is a specialist of Sardinia and Emerald Coast, as well as organic and Mediterranean cuisine. Valid interpreter and translator, she likes to combine work and passion, always placing new professional challenges that will enrich her as a person. Her passion for the Mediterranean makes her an expert in the sector of Villa Rental. She loves yoga, pilates and contemporary art.

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