Amalfi Coast

Why choose the Amalfi Coast?

There is something that anyone visiting the Amalfi Coast is unable to forget: the scent of lemon and olive trees , that melted with the sea create an absolute unique flavor.

There are only few places in the world that can combine breathtaking scenery and a menu of haute-cuisine with local and organic ingredients.

When choosing the Amalfi Coast, accommodation choises for your guests are endless. Whether you choose an exclusive Boutique or Hotel &SPA, an authenthic Norman Tower, one of the the famous vineyard, or a breathtaking terrace facing the sea, be assured that your guests will remain speechless.

The wild nature of the Amalfi Coast will be the perfect setting for your everlasting memories to be captured by our photoshooting.

Our suggestions

For your ceremony we suggest the romantic setting of the Infinity Terraces in Ravello. The wedding reception will be held in a private villa, exclusively reserved for you and your guests, overlooking the sea and Positano. Are you looking for an original and extremely glam alternative? A Yoga Session on the Path of the Gods with a bio pic-nic with local products; an energizing and anti-stress personilized path (from 3 days to one week) to get to the ‘big day’ in great shape, calm inside and bright outside!

In the stunning setting of the Path of the Gods, in a secret location, nestled in the lush greenery of the Mediterranean, we are also able to set your eco-friendly wedding. If you love nature and you have a “green”lifestyle, this is the perfect scenario for you.The Amalfi Coast is the perfect place for couples who wish to plan a wedding on the beach, perhaps preferring a more casual or intimate atmosphere.

There are some pretty secret beaches, mostly accessible only by sea which are the perfect spot to celebrate your ceremony. Some properties are directly located on the water and can be reached by sea, sailing on a nice  "gozzo", the typical local woodden boat. The reception decor will celebrate the marine theme, focusing on light colors and local materials.