Same sex wedding in Italy

Same sex wedding in Italy: the venues and the best rites for your nuptials.

Italy is always the most desired location for couples looking to get married as it is the perfect backdrop for your "I do's" and to celebrate your love. Granted, everything must reflect your personality and incorporate special life moment for you and your loved ones. Beginning from where we begin designing your wedding, to the touching symbolic or civil rite that will unite you forever. What is the best venue in Italy for a same sex wedding? What are the most special and moving rites for your celebration?

same sex wedding italia

Same sex wedding in Italy: civil unions explained

It is important to begin by saying that in Italy regulations differ by municipality, but by and large the bureaucratic steps that are required to have a civil rite at your ceremony are similar throughout the nation.

First, the couple needs to make an appointment with a local municipal employee, to transfer all the requisite documentation to complete the civil union. The ceremony can take place 15 days to a month after this meeting. The ceremony is generally the same everywhere, but it can be personalized with selected readings or specific phrases that represent your union.

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The most beautiful and meaningful symbolic rituals

Couples love to seal their love with a symbolic ritual. Although it is not legally binding, it is a way to represent their love in the meaningful manner.

For a romantic touch to your same-sex wedding in Italy, there are various symbolic rites to chose from. The sand rite is one of the most well-known and meaningful. The couple hold its in their two jars with different colored sand that they pour together into a single container. Each grain of salt mixes with the others, as such becoming inseparable. A perfect metaphor for the the two spouses who are uniting their lives forever.

Same sex wedding in Amalfi Coast

Instead, if you want your guests to participate during the ceremony, there’s nothing better than the warm ring rite. Held together by a string, the wedding bands are passed by hand by all the guests, so they can symbolically transfer their warmth to the rings that the couple will wear for life.

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Same sex wedding in Italy on the splendid Amalfi Coast

Elegance, exclusivity, romanticism and nature. The Amalfi Coast offers this, and so much more, a location that perfectly marries the tastes and smells of the Mediterranean with the luxury of the most exclusive location in Italy.

If your wish is to celebrate your wedding surrounded by the beauty and the private villas that dot the coast, you immediately start daydreaming of exploring unique locations, such as the “infinity terraces” that look onto the blue horizon… the ideal setting for a symbolic ceremony, inebriated by the smell of the sea and lemons typical to Amalfi.

However, the Amalfi Coast also offers “secret” beaches, surrounded by the typical green of the Mediterranean vegetation, to celebrate your nuptials in an intimate setting. For couples who love nature and good food, what the Amalfi Coast offers is unparalleled. A magical place, full of history and traditions that the couple and their guests will never forget.

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