Why choose Capri?

Your wedding in Capri will be glamorous and stylish. Capri, the emblem of Love, is the perfect place to celebrate your love following the true style of La Dolce Vita . Your wedding reception will be characterized by the scents and warmth of the Mediterranean flavors.

Every detail will reflect your personality and style. Nothing will be left out: the theme, the flowers, the decorations, the menu, and the entertainment. Everything will be tailor-made in the perfect Italian style. Capri is perfect if you are planning to accommodate your guests in an exclusive Boutique Hotel &SPA. You could host your rehearsal dinner in a location overlooking the sea.

Whether you choose a civil or a religious ceremony, you can invite your guests to a reception organized in a private villa, on a beach, in an old historic property, in a luxury hotel, in the most fashionable beach club, or on board an old Caicco. Not to mention the countless photo shoots we will take of you and your guests in our envied natural frame.

Our suggstions

The Faraglioni rocks are one of the most characteristic symbols of the island, which would make the perfect frame for a romantic ceremony followed by an exclusive party in one of the best rooftop of a Stylish Boutique Hotel in Capri.

Alternatively, if you prefer more of an intimate scenario, you could gather with your loved ones in a corner of the Gardens of Augustus at sunset; or, you could enjoy the atmosphere of a luxurious private villa, among the most worldwide acclaimed and exclusive location of the entire island. The ancient properties are perfect frame for a splendid fairytale party. The ancient Roman ruins of Villa Damecuta , the still untouched beauty of Mount Solaro, the Philosophical Park Migliera are the choices for you if you want to give your party an original and "green" touch.

If you love nature and your life philosophy is completely "green", then we could arrange a glamorous eco-friendly wedding; afterall we are still in one of the most glamorous island of the world!

The lovely church of Cetrella on Monte Solaro is the perfect location for a very intimate and exciting ceremony. If you look for a for a symbolic ritual, we can celebrate your promises immersed in the greenery lush of the Mediterranean maquis from Monte Solaro, boasting breathtaking and stunning sea views. A covered arch with herbs and bougainvillea will fit perfectly with the surrounding environment, followed by a toast with Champagne of local Falanghina, produced at km 0, vegan canapés and appetizers.

The wedding reception will be set as a funny picnic with eco-chic layout where each used element will be strictly made with recycled materials, without sacrificing its beauty and charm. The tablecloths, pillows, poufs will be completely made of natural fabric. For the tableau mariage, we could use a large oak on which we could carefully hang recycled and colored papers. The menu, specifically chosen by our professional chefs, will be in accordance with local products at km 0, vegan and vegetarian options. You could choose between a classic setting with plaid and large pillows placed on the ground, baskets and picnic set, or a more elaborated one with tables and benches made of recycled wood covered with soft cushions. Whatever is the budget, we will find the perfect solution for you. In this wonderful setting your furry friends will be absolutely welcome and will have a special corner with dining options set exclusively for them.

If you have always wished to celebrate your wedding by the sea, on a wonderful Mediterranean beach, Capri offers some very peculiar solutions that our designers will customize only for you. Marina Piccola and The Lighthouse are two locations of incomparable charm, ideal to set up a romantic ceremony. The reception as well as the party would continue on a terrace overlooking the ocean, with a stunning view on the bay of Naples. Decorations and lights will enhance the colors and atmosphere of this charmingl island.

An eco-chic picnic could also be a perfect idea for for a farewell brunch or a welcome lunch to greet your guests in an original way.